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Repairs and Product Warranty

Find out more about our warranty policies and how to repair your Sterra product.

Do Sterra products come with a warranty?

All Sterra products and purchases include a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty, which begins on the date of delivery or installation. We also offer Sterra Care, which is an additional warranty extension after the 1 year manufacturer warranty expires. You c

How does Sterra Care differ from the Manufacturer Warranty?

All Sterra products come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, but Sterra Care is a service that can be purchased as an add-on to extend your warranty period.

How can I purchase Sterra Care?

You can add Sterra Care to your order by adding the Sterra Care option when you are on the online product web page. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team at [email protected] to purchase additional Sterra Care warranty for an existing order or

Does the purchase and addition of Sterra Care apply to all products in my order?

The purchase of a singular Sterra Care service only applies to one unit of one product in the order. If there are additional units or products in the order, multiple units of Sterra Care must be purchased to provide warranty coverage for multiple uni

Do I need to register my Sterra Care warranty?

Your warranty is valid as soon as you make your Sterra Care purchase online or in store. There is no need to register your warranty as it will automatically be tied to your order number and email address.

My warranty has expired and my product needs repair. Can Sterra still help?

Even if the warranty period of the product has ended, Sterra can provide repair services for a fee. Please send a video or photo of the product issue to our customer support team (instructions below). Our team will assess the repair needed and inform