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What are the requirements for Sterra Water Purifier installations?Updated a year ago

Please find the Sterra Water Purifier installation requirements and terms below.

  • All installations will require water inlet and outlet (5m) and electrical points (1.5m).
  • All installation procedures will be explained in detail by our technician at the beginning of the installation appointment. The installation will only commence upon approval from the customer.
  • No obstructions can be present nearby the installation site.
  • Company accepts no responsibility for the damages caused to any wall, pipeline, civil works, etc. during the course of installation.

Please note that Sterra is not liable for any damages that stem from the installation of Sterra Water Purifiers. The signature confirmation of a successful installation will be required from the customer prior to the end of the installation appointment. We are unable to provide remediation for any issues or damage reported after the installation appointment has been completed.

Please note that Sterra is not liable for any damage caused by our technicians for installations that were completed in nonideal circumstances. Any nonideal circumstances for installation will be noted and communicated to the customer prior to the installation attempt.

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