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Promotions, Referrals, Bundles, and Trade-Ins

Find out more about how to get the best deal on your Sterra order.

Do you offer a referral program?

We offer a referral bonus to both referrer and referee for Sterra 7™,  Sterra Sun™, Sterra Galaxy™, Sterra Starlight™ and Sterra Sky™. Both the referrer and referee’s orders must be installed or delivered with the referee using the product for more t

Can I trade-in my old product for a new Sterra product?

You can use our trade-in option to trade in your old water purifier (Sterra or non-Sterra)to our new Sterra 7™Tankless Water Purifier. You can also trade in your old massage chair for any of the following Premium Massage Chairs. Please send an email

Do you offer any bundle deals?

We currently don't have any bundle deal offer but we have amazing trade-in and referral offers. Send us an email at [email protected] to know more.